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Our multigenerational team of investment professionals spans nearly four decades and has the skills and experience to help affluent families, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives plan for the future. We rely on the strengths of our professionals to provide fresh perspectives, expertise and direction to your wealth management needs.

Affluent Families

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Our team is here to get to know and build lasting relationships with each individual and family member. We provide trusted advice and guidance for the many questions that come up throughout life:

  • How do we make sure our wealth plan is aligned with our values?
  • What strategies can be put in place to help reduce the taxes we are paying on investment earnings?
  • How can we better educate our children/grandchildren about their wealth?
  • What is the best healthcare option for my family?
  • When is the right time to put together a legacy plan for distributing our estate according to our wishes?
  • Do we need to review our family's charitable giving strategies?
  • How do we make sure we have the appropriate insurance strategies for my family?

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Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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Since your company is one of your most important assets, we work with you to offer customized products and services to help maximize its' success and profitability. Our team provides trusted advice and counsel to address many questions:

  • What role does the business play in my overall wealth plan?
  • What options should we consider for our firm's short-term and long-term cash flow and cash management needs?
  • How do I manage my restricted/concentrated equity ownership position in the company?
  • What are the options available for offering a qualified and/or non-qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan?
  • How do I value my business for a sale or transfer? How will this impact my plan?


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We provide a comprehensive analysis of your overall financial picture including working to optimize the value of your compensation package and executive benefits. Through our analysis, we can help identify and implement the appropriate solutions, services and strategies for your personal situation.

  • How do I evaluate my professional risk?
  • How do I integrate my stock options into my overall wealth plan?
  • How can I better diversify my concentrated, restricted or controlled stock positions?
  • Is my insurance and risk management plan appropriate?
  • What should I be considering regarding my future liquidity event?
  • How do I ensure my trust and estate is properly set up to pass on my assets to my children or grandchildren?

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