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Once a family has accumulated wealth, we believe future generations are vital to continuing the prosperity. We serve multiple generations within familiesā¤each experiencing a different life stage. Our team is here to implement pathways that provide the guidance family members need through their life journeys.

Family members ages 0-25 years

Father and daughter looking through telescope
  • Providing financial education regarding the complexities of family wealth
  • Helping to establish open lines of communication
  • Engaging family members in the family's philanthropic missions

Family members ages 25-40 years

Young couple camping taking selfie
  • Offering education regarding the importance of careers and spending on the future of the family's wealth
  • Providing guidance about the intricacies of managing family wealth
  • Keeping up to date on your family's insurance and risk management needs
  • Offering guidance on large purchases and family budgeting
  • Continuing to help enhance the family's philanthropic giving strategies

Family members ages 40-65 years

Family camping under night sky stars
  • Helping to prioritize what's most important to you and your family
  • Putting retirement and income replacement strategies in place
  • Managing cash flow and debt
  • Continuing to explore tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Analyzing estate planning needs

Family members over 65 years

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  • Developing business succession strategies
  • Providing analysis on the options for claiming Social Security and Medicare coverage
  • Updating estate and legacy planning strategies

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