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Our name and mission are derived from the stars

People have used the stars for navigation throughout history. Our name reflects our passion for guiding clients through their financial journey.
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It's estimated that 70% of wealthy families will lose their wealth by the second generation, and 90% will lose it by the third.*

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* Source: Kleinhandler, David, "Generational Wealth: Why do 70% of Families Lose Their Wealth in the 2nd Generation?", October 2018

Family Wealth

A family of significant wealth has many moving parts. There are investments, tax considerations and many times, family and inter-personal dynamics are involved. All these components are important and inter- related when managing your wealth.

At Astra Wealth Management Group, we embrace our responsibility to provide perspective, knowledge and personal counsel to help guide and protect your family's wealth. Through our independent business model, risk-managed investment approach and open communication style, we work to build your family's trust. This trust is the foundation for sustaining wealth.

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Working to Raise the Bar on Wealth Management

We believe the complexities of today's world requires greater access to financial resources, advanced technology and knowledge than ever before. That's why it has been⏤and will continue to be⏤our priority to provide our clients with a special combination of investment discipline, wealth planning experience and client service excellence.


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